What is Home Warranty?

A home warranty is an annual service contract that covers the repair or replacement of important appliances and systems that break down over time due to normal usage.

What do home warranty plans cover?

Our home warranties cover the parts and components of major home systems and appliances. Either we'll come to your home and repair them, or we'll replace them depending on the problem. From HVAC systems to kitchen appliances, our plans help cover your home.

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Choose Your Coverage.

We offer a variety of plans to fit your home and budget. Choose a plan to help protect major parts and components of your home appliances and systems.


per service call


per service call


per service call
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Set your Trade Service Call Fee.

With United Home Warranty, you set the amount you pay when one of our contractors comes to diagnose your covered item. The higher the service fee the lower your plans purchase price will be. A mandatory service fee is required per work order regardless of the time the technician spends on site. Unless it is the same issue as before.

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Request service.

When a covered item breaks, you can request service online or by phone — day and night. Pay your set Trade Service Call Fee when you request service.

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We assign a pro.

We assign a qualified local contractor from our network to diagnose your covered item and offer a solution to the problem you are having.

Home Warranty vs. Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance protects your home from things— like fires, theft or natural disasters.

A home warranty plan helps protect your budget from the expense of repairing or replacing covered home systems or appliances when they break down.

Homeowners Insurance
covers things that might happen.
Home Warranty
covers things that will happen.
TheftHVAC stops running
Fire damagePlumbing problems
Storm damageDishwasher stops running
FloodsElectricity stops working

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