Finally a warranty you'll actually use!
Every plan from United Home Warranty can help protect your budget because you don't pay the full cost of repairing or replacing items
Your contract helps cover the repair or replacement of covered items
Neither a home inspection nor maintenance records are required!
If we can't repair the covered item - we'll replace it or offer an alternative solution!
At United Home Warranty we covers many systems and appliances, but not necessarily the entire system or appliance.
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Plan Options

Basic Homeowner
Premium Plan
VIP Premium Plan
Trash Compactor
Clothes Dryer
Kitchen Refrigerator with Ice Maker
Built-in Microwaves
Garbage Disposal
Improper Installations, Repairs, or Modifications
Undetectable Pre-Existing Conditions
Permit Fees ($250 Per Contract Term)
Code Violations ($250 Per Contract Term)
24 Hour Service
Free Re-Key
Central AC
Removal of Defective Equipment
Ceiling Fans
Water Heaters
Instant Hot/Cold Water Dispensers
Plumbing Stoppages
Garage Door Openers
Clothes Washer
Ranges, Ovens, Cooktops
Refrigerant Recapture, Reclaim, and Disposal
Tankless Water Heaters
Basic Doorbell
Built-in Exhaust, Attic, Whole House Fans
First Service Free ($75 Value)

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